Historic Santo Domingo Hotel near Colonial City

History & Concept

Come for the Historic City, Stay in our Historic Hotel

Enjoy the rich history of Colonial City from your luxurious 16th century hotel room!

Casas del XVI is a whole new concept in Santo Domingo accommodations,combining the romance and ease of a bygone era with modern comfort, service and convenience. Amid the beautiful historic setting of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, you will enjoy our collection of beautifully restored houses with remnants of the 16th Century combined into a single, unified hotel environment.

The History

In 1496, Bartholomew Columbus, younger brother of Christopher, sailed the Caribbean isles searching for a site to build the first permanent European settlement in the New World. Here he found an unspoiled place of natural beauty and made it a sanctuary from the hardships of travel, exploration and adventure.

Within a few short years, Santo Domingo was the center of cultural, political and economic activity in the European New World. Today, the original portion of Santo Domingo is known as the Colonial City and it remains the city’s cherished and well-preserved heart.

The Setting


Casas del XVI is located in the Colonial City, the original historical district of Santo Domingo, D.R., also known as the Old Town. Thanks to its plethora of historic, cultural and architectural treasures, ithas been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Alcázar de Colón, the Columbus family palace, is just off Calle Las Damas, the oldest paved street in the Americas. Nearby is the Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the first cathedral in the New World.

The Houses


The individual houses that together make up Casas del XVI were either built in the 16th Century or incorporate elements of 16th Century architectural designs. The tiled Roman roofs and original vaulted brick archways, for instance, evoke Colonial City’s romantic past providing each of the Casas its own unique, eclectic character.

Each home has been meticulously restored, preserving the charm and grace of the old, while adding the comfort and convenience of the modern and new. Original heirloom art and furnishings are complemented by an eclectic collection of works from contemporary local and international artists.

The Service

service-bucketService is what really sets the experience at Casas del XVI apart. Our welcoming staff members are dedicated to providing you with a level of hospitality that leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed and content.

Once you arrive at Casas del XVI, your casa’s mayordomo, or butler, welcomes you and attends to your every need while you are in residence. Overseeing everything and missing nothing is our concierge, who is always at your service and ready at your whim to arrange any excursion or activity.

In addition to the personalized service and attention, the amenities and facilities of Casas del XVI are designed to satisfy the discerning traveler. From a full sized swimming pool to individually assigned guest iPhones, every facet of the experience is designed to make you feel a sense of comfort and ease.




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