Casa del Pozo

Casa del Pozo

Represents the harmonious juxtaposition of antique and modern structures.

Casa del Pozo is outstanding, all that is antique is preserved and the new elements are modern, highlighting the value of its centenarian foundations. The heart of the house is its colonial style patio. The interior of the house has a spacious open layout that was taken advantage of to create a great hall with a great dining area.

The house has six bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a living and dining area, interior patio and pool. The garden bedrooms can be accessed through a covered walkway.

Casa del Pozo stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of the past and present in the Colonial City. This exceptional house preserves its antique essence while embracing modernity, showcasing the beauty of its centuries-old foundations.

Origin of the Name: A tribute to the ancient well that was found in the courtyard.

Concept: A great city dwelling where history and present-day life coexist in harmony.

Design Contrast: opposing colors, black and white, juxtapose with surprising touches in other different tones. The wood and antique plasters coexist in the social areas and bedrooms, cohabiting with the theme of the house.

Architecture: Nestled within the grounds of the former Dominican Monastery, the residence located in what was one of the main streets of the Spanish colony reflects the coexistence of history and present-day life. A quaint interior living area opens to the covered walkway that surrounds the garden area and plunge pool.  


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Experience is believing. The Colonial City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the oldest permanent city established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.

The historic quarter pulses with history. Cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful homes and monuments, small shops, museums and restaurants. Stroll on your own or let our Concierge organize unique experiences.