Casa del diseñador

Casa del Diseñador

Committed to the advancement of the arts and design in the Dominican Republic.

Upon opening its doors, you will be transported to the 16th century, where elegance, comfort, and privacy converge. A large room welcomes the visitor with its brick floors and thick white walls from where one can glimpse the interior patio and covered terrace.

Our Royal Suite, the house features two spacious bedrooms with their private bathrooms, a dining room, outdoor terrace with lounge area and dining space, patio and plunge pool. The spacious bedrooms are elegantly decorated with details and designs made especially for this house.

Origin of the Name: An homage to the great designers of the Dominican Republic.

Concept: Quiet elegance, with a feeling of seclusion and privacy.

Design: The rooms are spacious and decorated with details and designs made especially for this house. Bright colors intertwine with light fabrics for a distinguished and elegant tropical flare.

Architecture: This historic location occupies a space within the ancient walls of the garden of the Convent of the Dominican Order. An original arch dating from the 16th century still graces the house. The rooms are gracious and elegant, opening unto to the large terrace and tropical patio with plunge pool.


Amenities and Services

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Our rooms are perfect for corporate and single travelers or couples looking for a refined and charming environment.


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