Casa de los Mapas

Casa de los Mapas

Evokes travel, history and exploration

Located on the grounds of the former Dominican Monastery, the original structure dates to the Spanish colonial era. It has been completely renovated and decorated with antique maps and plantation-style furniture for a colonial-tropical ambiance. The distribution of the rooms flows into the patio with its lush vegetation and swimming pool.

The house has three Luxury Superior bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. All are decorated with a particular theme with furniture and artwork from local artists. In the living area, blue and white curtains open to the dining room and open kitchen, an ideal space for gathering and cooking demonstrations.

The interior is decorated with maps depicting the exploration of the Spanish colony. Its tropical-colonial atmosphere transmits the past and is suited for today’s lifestyle.

Origin of the Name: A journey from the 16th Century to the present day, depicted by the adorning maps of Hispaniola, the Colonial City and the Caribbean.

Concept: Nautical, colonial and tropical feel.

Design: Rustic and refined. Intricate carpets, handmade crafts and modern paintings that evoke the architecture of a distant past.

Architecture: This home feels tropical all around. Spacious, bright and colorful rooms mirror the 19th century. The large courtyard with the pool flanked by lush tropical vegetation invites you to enjoy the exterior lounging areas. The bedrooms are all different, each with a particular theme.


Amenities and Services

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Experience is believing. The Colonial City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the oldest permanent city established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.

The historic quarter pulses with history. Cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful homes and monuments, small shops, museums and restaurants. Stroll on your own or let our Concierge organize unique experiences.