Las Casas

5 Star Santo Domingo Accommodations in The Dominican Republic

Of the small luxury hotels in the Dominican Republic, ours is among the most unique. Click on the images above to explore the rooms that together make up Casas del XVI and discover the unique charm and allure each has to offer.

Since each home was conceived and built independently, each has its own individual design and floor plan. Common amenities and services include concierge service, airport transfers, English-speaking chauffeurs (extra cost), individual iPhones loaned to each guest, king or queen beds with fine linens, and more. Pool access is subject to availability. A mayordomo, or butler, sees over each house, attending to your every need and ensuring that you enjoy every facet of your visit to the fullest.

Casa del Arbol

Centuries ago, Casa del Arbol would have been shown off to visiting aristocrats as an example of one of the finest homes in the district. As a visitor there today, you will note its guest rooms with window bays facing the street on one side and a charming and placid interior courtyard on the other.

The eccentric semi-trapezoidal shape of Casa del Arbol hews to the angle of Calles Padre Billini and 19 de Marzo in Colonial City where the house is located.

At Casa del Arbol, you’ll enjoy dining al fresco under the large, beautiful mango tree from which the home takes it’s name. Other unique features of the home include a library, and a fully equipped kitchen and honor bar.

Casa de los Mapas

Wake in any of its three guest rooms and you may find yourself gazing out on the tranquility of Casa de los Mapas’ lush central courtyard, where you can jumpstart your day with a dip in our inviting swimming pool. Built in the Spanish Colonial era and modified in the nineteenth century, Casa de los Mapas recently underwent extensive restoration and conservation, returning it to its original glory and perhaps even surpassing it.

Here you will bask in an environment that combines historic elegance with modern comfort. Once you see the vintage maps of early colonial explorations adorning its walls, it won’t take you long to understand how Casa de los Mapas got its name. Handcrafted indigenous art, plantation style furniture, and ornate tile flooring immerse you in this house's colonial-tropical ambiance.

Casa Macorís

Casa Macorís is in one of the most charming locales in Santo Domingo’s Colonial City. The house was built on land that was part of the colonial era Convento de los Dominicos, which still stands just a few steps away. Here time passes with serenity, marked by the chime of bells from nearby churches.

The welcoming interior features thick walls and a central garden with plunge pool, designed to isolate the home from the heat and sound of the bustling streets. Tile floors, lovely antique furnishings, original artworks and complementary décor create spaces of inviting, relaxed comfort.

Each guest room has its own unique personality, recalling the majesty of the Colonial era, while incorporating design elements and materials with contemporary appeal. Modern bathrooms feature all the comforts of a first-class hotel.

Casa del Diseñador

The Casa del Diseñador is the chicest abode in town. A homage to the great designers that the Dominican Republic has exported in the last century, the freshness and ambiance of the house transports guests back to the 16th century and all the Spanish glory.

The commodious spaces at Casa del Diseñador are highlighted with bright colors, light fabrics, and images of the tropics are interwoven into the home's decor while maintaining modern amenities. This environment gives a sense of seclusion, privace and tranquility accentuated by the neighboring church bells and running water from the courtyard plunge pool.

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Royal Summer

Travel back to the 16th century in our newest house addition "Casa del Diseñador"

Includes full house exclusivity, private butler service, a la carte breakfast and poolside picnic on the patio.

Available for travel dates in April 16-October 31, 2017


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